Accounting Department
The accounting services include the accounts management, the human resources management and the business support in the relations with the Public Administration in general.

Fiscal Department
BMB & Partners supplies, through qualified professionals, continuous or specific assistance upon customer’s request with every problem concerning direct and indirect taxes, both to individual person and to individual firms, partnerships, companies or Authorities.

Company Department
Supplies consultancy and assistance on all problems relevant to company relations from the constitution, to the operation, to the extraordinary operations up to the phase of liquidation.

Legal Department
Supplies, through qualified professionals, consultancy and contractual assistance about civil, fiscal, company, natural, public and international law.

Business division
Supplies to the customer continuous assistance on the base of specific requests about the management of the various business areas, planning the necessary interventions to improve the productivity of the customer.

"New enterprise" Department
Supplies to the "new entrepreneurs" a truly comprehensive assistance about the planning and starting of new activity of enterprise: from the drawing up of the business plan up to finding the financial sources.

Quality control and 626 Law Department
Supplies assistance about very delicate and strategic regulations as the L. 626 on the work safety and the regulations about quality certifications.

Information Technology Department
Supplies to the company a decision-making support in the choice and in the "actions direction" concerning the information technology investments, the management of the information and the security of the information technology.